Our Philosophy of care and Goals – Day Care Cobble Hill

Full Time Day Care in Brooklyn NY

Our philosophy of childcare is simple: provide our children with the same type of care and attention that we give them at home. New Playground’s atmosphere is informal, warm, caring, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud.

  • The children at New Playground span a broad range of developmental stages. However, we separate the children only when specific activities are not suited to some of them. For example, babies do not participate in crafts until they prefer drawing or painting to eating crayons. Most of the time, the children are free to move about the play areas, and to choose who and what they play with.
  • We believe that children learn through interaction with other children and individuals, through different types of play. Our program encourages children’s interest through guided experiences and developmentally appropriate activities that are fit into a daily routine of meals, snacks and naps. We also try to teach the children to respect each other and the adults around them, to share toys, take turns, resolve disputes verbally, and prevent the children from hurting or endangering themselves or others.
  • New Playground Day Care Cobble Hill Brooklyn aims to give each child a well rounded educational experience through activities and instruction appropriate to their level of development. The curriculum we offer encourages the children to explore their own interest and learn through guided activities and free exploration. Our teachers individualize the curriculum when necessary to meet the unique needs of each child’s learning style.
  • Here at New Playground you will find that we are a bunch of warm, nurturing, caring and fun group. Our love for the children is what motivates us to come in everyday and face the exciting challenges we experience with your child. You can rest assured that your child will be cared for with most kindness, love and respect, feeling himself at home away from home.