Tips for Choosing the Perfect Daycare

If you’ve become the proud parent of a baby, then you’ll need to take a very important decision about your newborn sooner or later-entrusting him or her in the care of a caregiver attached to a daycare center. Making up your mind on putting your little one in a daycare unit could be a tough call, especially if the baby is your first issue. There are so many daycare units and centers in your neighborhood, each one claiming to be the best amongst the lot that choosing the one that’ll be most suitable for your darling becomes a mindboggling task.

Fulltime daycare Carroll Gardens offers you a few practical tips that might come handy in enabling you to decide whether you’d put your ward in a group daycare or home/family daycare:-

Carry out your own research

Daycare Carroll Gardens Brooklyn recommends you to carry out an in-depth research on the daycare centers or units. Research on units that are situated close to your home or lie in your office route as you’ll find it convenient to drop your kid while on your way to work as well as pick him or her up while on your way back home. You can browse on the net, and ask for references in the pediatrician’s lobby or at the playground.

You can also discuss with your neighbors who may have recently put their children at a home or group daycare unit. Make a list of 5-6 centers that have the valid license and papers to operate.

Visit a few daycare units personally

Just don’t bank on the verbal or word-of-mouth recommendations but make it a point to visit a few of the units. At least, visit the ones you’ve listed down and always go unannounced. See how the Carroll Gardens Daycare assistant teacher interacts and behaves with the children. Is the teacher actively engaged in an activity with the kids or is just idling around as the tots run amok? Is the setting clean and tidy enough for the little ones to play and frolic safely? Are there enough books and toys on the shelves? Have these been kept in an orderly fashion? What is the total enrollment? What is the staff-to-children ratio? Prepare a questionnaire list and crosscheck each unit based on that listing.  

Conduct a thorough policy check

Find out if you are on the same page with the teachers and other staff members at Daycare Carroll Gardens Brooklyn on disciplinary aspects. Does the daycare teacher spend sufficient quality time with each and every kid? Does he or she allow the child to relax by offering him a break? Will your child develop proper eating habits in this center? These are just some of the questions you’d need to ask for conducting a thorough background check.

Trust your instincts

You’ll know instinctively when something is amiss in the daycare unit even if it has been seconded by others. If you’ve a hunch that your baby may not warm up to the sitter or vice versa, you could be right.

Stay flexible

Though consistency matters when it comes to keeping your child in a daycare unit as frequently changing addresses may not be conducive for the kid, do not hesitate to make a change if the situation demands it,


A reputed daycare center like fulltime daycare Carroll Gardens should always be willing to settle your doubts and assure you that your child will get the best care that he or she deserves.