Why Teaching Your Child a Second Language is Important

Focusing on learning English is vital for your child’s development. It takes years – well into their teens. Constantly learning new words, improving grammar, writing and pronouncing their own name, and making conversations are all essential steps. As the main international language, having great control over English is of significant importance. However, who said your child can’t learn a second language? Our blog will explain why doing so is a great idea.

What is the Appropriate Age?

A genuine rule states that people who know more than one language tend to be more successful in life. Being able to communicate in a way many others can’t is a serious advantage. Understanding a second language is a great way to learn new philosophical or cultural ideas. And, simply by knowing another language, you can make new friends!

The truth is rather shocking – kids as small as three years could easily learn a second language. At this age, children can develop their skills quickly because they absorb knowledge like a sponge. They remember everything they hear. And learning two languages at once is not impossible. On the contrary, it can be quick and easy because kids use the words from one of the languages as a comparison. Learning to speak and write can help your child better understand the world and unlock new paths to success. At Family Day Care Cobble Hill, your child will have access to all of this and more.

What are the Benefits of knowing a second language?

The first important benefit would be your child reaching fluency while still being at an early age. Learning a second language at a young age is incredibly fast. However, this doesn’t last forever. The left frontal lobe which helps develop languages stops developing in the early teen years. This means you should hurry.

Understanding a foreign language can be of great help in developing creative and critical thinking skills. Your child will become better at solving problems or communicating with their peers. Helping their child learn a second language is one of the best long-term investments any parent can make.

Another significant benefit of being a bilingual speaker is the ability to continue developing by learning a third language much easier than people who have only known English. Imagine growing up to know three major languages and all the possibilities they bring. We all have heard about our world’s brightest minds and how most of them know at least a few international languages. This serves as proof of how important it is to begin learning a second language at an early age.

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