Cobble Hill Daycare: Building a Connection Between Your Home, Child Care Center, and Early School

Parents who spend time on their children’s education help in creating a better studying environment. It is important to do this at home, through the daycare center, and school. By keeping a close connection with your child, you will achieve higher efficiency and success. If you stay active and participate in the education process, the results would be higher grades, better self-esteem, and a path to success. Because of this, we at Cobble Hill Daycare have prepared a new blog for you: Building a connection between your home, child care center and school.

What Does It Mean to Involve Yourself in Your Child’s Education?

Depending on which school your child goes to, there are a number of different activities you can participate in. You can do them throughout the entire year; in and out of the classroom:

  • You can attend the regular school meetings
  • You can also join appointments with specific teachers for some one-to-one discussions
  • Throughout the year, there are different class events
  • You can also join the team and become a school volunteer

While it is time-consuming, it is worth doing it. By contributing your skills, you will help not only your own but every child. You will help create a better school environment for all. There are a number of ways you can help without the need to regularly visit the school. Some of them are not time-consuming and would be of great help nonetheless:

  • You can coordinate the telephone chain for the class activities
  • It is also possible to write the school letters from home
  • Planning the next big event for parents and children
  • Some people also love to cook special meals for these events
  • You can discuss with other parents the importance of daycare centers and the early school years
  • And more

Building Healthy Relationships With Your Local Childcare Center

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The relationships between your Daycare Cobble Hill center and your elementary school are different. The best way to connect would be to come early every morning or evening and spend some time with our staff. You can discuss how the learning activities are going.

Every now and then, Daycare Carroll Gardens Brooklyn organizes special evening meetings with every parent, field trips, and other interesting projects.

As long as your workplace has enough flexibility, you can always join and help improve the learning environment. Some companies take that into consideration and allow their employees to schedule such events.

How to Build a Long-Lasting Partnership With Your Cobble Hill Daycare?

You should meet the daycare teachers in advance and explain you want to participate in the learning process. Ask if there are any ways if you can be of help. Offer to join special events. And, loan an interesting book or game for everyone to enjoy.


At Daycare Cobble Hill, we pay close attention to the parent-care center relationship and support your efforts. Building strong connections is vital for the development of our children.

Check out our curriculum to learn more about our activities. We also offer daycare Carroll Hardens Brooklyn.